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RAUH Hydraulik – present in Germany, active internationally

More than 250 RAUH employees are there for you. We may not always be in your immediate vicinity, but this is compensated by our high level of expertise, presence of our employees and the personal consulting intensity at our 14 German locations. Through our cooperation with 12 strong partner companies, you are in close contact with RAUH. You can comfortably order around the clock via our online shop, which is easy to handle.Furthermore, we are happy to answer your enquiries about our online shop or offered products by phone or chat. RAUH has always maintained direct and cooperative communication.

22113 | Hamburg

34260 | Kassel

61440 | Frankfurt

63811 | Aschaffenburg

67661 | Kaiserslautern

85221 | Munich

86368 | Augsburg

90425 | Nuremberg

94447 | Plattling

95028 | Hof

96052 | Bamberg

96120 | Trosdorf

97074 | Würzburg

97424 | Schweinfurt

Hydraulics System Power: Proven RAUH Quality at all 14 German Locations

Not only at the RAUH headquarters in Bamberg, located in Upper Franconia in Bavaria, but also at all other locations – whether in Munich, Augsburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Kassel – experienced professionals take care of your needs. We are doing this with great competence because one of our most important principles is the continous further training and qualification of our employees. In case your company is located in Germny, our agile field service staff will visit you on site, RAUH technicians will lend a hand directly at your workbench or hydraulic system, or train your teams.

Nothing is as constant as change, especially in the fast-moving market. RAUH provides you with precisely designed special solutions in addition to common and proven standard designs. Since we have always remained true to this philosophy, close and trusting business relationships between customers, sales staff and technicians have been able to grow over the decades.

RAUH System Hydraulics – simple, direct and good, for sure

Ask for it: Whether you’re looking to buy component, production, consulting, maintenance, service or training – RAUH Hydraulik goes the extra mile for you. We are at home in nearly all industries and at 14 locations in Germany.

Rauh Hydraulik

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