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RAUH Hydraulik: A power package that moves you forward

RAUH Hydraulik is a full-service company with logically interlinked operating areas that build on each other. Advantage for you, our customer: Powerful and prompt response to your needs, immediate and direct complete service! Our customers benefit from a system partner who reacts quickly to their needs and expectations and draws on a full range of technical and logistical resources. This makes RAUH one of the leading hydraulic system partners.

Technical trade

Technical trade

The RAUH complete range for dynamic drives

The hydraulics industry has many facets, and success is in the details. Just as demanding are the requirements for connection technology products and drive technology solutions that you, as a customer, place on RAUH. And rightly so. Because you deserve the best service, the full technical know-how, the fastest possible delivery and our immediate support. We have therefore designed our warehouse with 125,000 storage spaces so that we can serve you quickly and precisely. The RAUH delivery systems free you from a large stock or acute disposition gaps. The innovative RAUH webshop is pure dynamism that benefits you. It is designed so that you can quickly find your way around, the right things are in the right place, and you can name your individual wishes directly. You have no time to waste – and we adjust to that.

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RAUH’s own products make you dependent!

At any RAUH branch, you will talk to our knowledgeable staff not only about trade, logistics and service, but also about your very specific needs in the production of hydraulic hose lines, power units, modules, assemblies and pipe bends. Close to the market and attentive to your needs, we provide you with the valuable energy that drives you and your business forward through a variety of high-quality manufactured components. Since the company’s founding in 1973, your lively demand has made RAUH Hydraulik’s manufacturing expertise a key pillar of our business.

Last but not least, we are proud of our state-of-the-art production hall at the Trosdorf site. In its innovative setting, we meet the special needs of major customers with series production for hydraulic hose lines. Challenge your system partner RAUH Hydraulik not only with your high expectations in technical trade and service but also in the production of sophisticated hydraulic and pneumatic components – from the power unit to the cylinder.

Hydraulic Hoses
Power unit construction
Pipe bends


RAUH Hydraulik sets standards as a full-liner, as an experienced service provider and service partner

Complete hydraulics service – that’s what people like to claim. But does it always deliver what the advertising promises? In our case, we can confidently confirm this. We hear again and again from satisfied customers that our range of services is right. Whether you want to have hydraulic systems redesigned and constructed, take advantage of RAUH hose management, or commission a cylinder repair – the proven RAUH full service program is always running at full speed. The same applies to RAUH hydraulic engineering planning and CAD. The fact that we do not leave you out in the cold when it comes to further education, training and familiarization with new components has been established long ago.

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Rauh Hydraulik

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