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Corporate Philosophy

Vision - We will be the innovative system partner for our customers
Mission - We offer hydraulic solutions from one source
Strategy - We think new, every day. Customer benefit as our primary goal

Our vision

This is our goal

We stand for tradition and modernity
For us this is not a contradiction but a guarantee for progress

Our goal is to be a comprehensive system partner for our customers in all areas of hydraulics and pneumatics and to constantly find new solutions.

For us, this means that we can offer each customer the optimum products and services along the entire value chain.

In doing so, we want to go beyond current boundaries and continuously develop our processes, products and services together with our customers.

For our employees, we want to be an interesting, innovative and reliable employer where each individual can develop freely.

Our mission

This is what RAUH stands for

System power for your drive
We offer all hydraulic solutions from one source

RAUH is one of the leading system partners in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics in Germany and Europe.

Our customers come from a wide range of sectors, such as:
construction, agriculture, forestry, industry, vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, municipal, energy, maritime, food and trade.

We align our products and services unconditionally to the current and future benefit of our customers.

As a family-owned company, we value flat hierarchies and offer our employees a modern and connected working environment that also takes your needs into account.

Our strategy

Our way to the goal

We think new – every day
Customer benefit as our primary goal

To achieve this, we have to think ahead and develop promising concepts.

We do not only deliver a product, we deliver the concept. Even before the order is placed and even after delivery, we see ourselves as a partner who optimizes processes together with the customer.

This means finding solutions that are not only needed today, but more importantly, tomorrow.

We are open to new ideas and create a modern working environment. Only this way our employees can develop new ideas and approaches. Every individual can and should actively contribute.

Whether trainee or experienced – every voice counts!

Our values

What makes us

Customer benefit and quality

We recognize our customers’ needs early on and are already working today to develop the products and solutions of tomorrow. We understand what our customers need to be unique in their fields.

Since 1973, quality awareness has been a fundamental part of our DNA. This applies to our products and services, as well as to the efficiency and results of our processes.

It means finding solutions that are needed not only today, but more importantly, tomorrow.

Innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship

At RAUH, we recognize the importance of regularly rethinking ALL of our company’s processes and structures, finding areas for improvement, and implementing them.

In doing so, RAUH wants to be a first-mover, not a fast-follower, so we are open to new ideas and approaches.

In order to realize new ideas, we have to break new ground. This requires the courage to accept setbacks, to act adaptably, to take responsibility and to learn from mistakes. Fail fast… Recover faster.

This is the only way a company can adapt to the constantly changing market.

Employees and training

As a family business, our focus is on our employees. After all, they have made the success of the company possible.

We attach great importance to flat hierarchies. Equal opportunities, tolerance and fairness are among our firmly anchored core values.

To keep up with the times, we offer our employees a comprehensive range of training and continuing education programs. This is the only way to ensure that each individual enjoys his or her work and can play an active role in shaping the company for the rest of his or her life.

A work-life balance is enormously important to us. Our employees are in different phases of life and we as a company want to accompany and support them in these phases.

Sustainability and responsibility

It is our corporate duty to protect the environment and the health of our employees and to ensure their safety.

In doing so, the focus of our actions is on sustainability in terms of economy, ecology and social responsibility.

We are aware that we can only be successful in the long term if we keep all three aspects firmly in view.

Rauh Hydraulik

Your system partner​


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